Slang Británico

En esta breve entrada, podremos revisar algunos de las palabras que se utilizan de forma informal en el vocabulario británico (puede variar de región en región y ciudad en ciudad).

Tosser – Idiot
Cock-up – Screw up
Bloody – Damn
Give You A Bell – Call you
Blimey! – My Goodness
Wanker – Idiot
Gutted – Devastated
Bespoke – Custom Made
Chuffed – Proud
Fancy – Like
Sod Off – Piss off
Lost the Plot – Gone Crazy
Kip – Sleep or nap
Bee’s Knees – Awesome
Know Your Onions – Knowledgeable
Dodgy – Suspicious
Wicked – Cool!
Whinge – Whine
Tad – Little bit
Tenner – £10
Fiver – £5
Toff – Upper Class Person
Loo – Toilet
Nicked – Stolen
Nutter – Crazy Person
Chap – Male or friend
Bugger – Jerk
Pants – Panties
One Off – One time only
Shambles – Mess
Made Redundant – Fired from a job
Easy Peasy – Easy
Arse – Ass
Shag – Screw
Fanny – Vagina
Don’t Get Your Knickers in a Twist – Don’t Get worked up
The Telly – Television
Bangers – Sausage
Chips – French Fries
Anorak – A person weirdly interested in something
Shambles – bad shape/plan gone wrong
Knob Head – Idiot/Dickhead
Ace – Cool!
Rubbish – Garbage or ‘That’s crap!’


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